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Recently back from London after the visit at Ministry Of Sound. Nelson Branco aka ICEMOON announce hes first album "Primitve Metaphor" for middle Year 2012. Today was published the Official Full Demos of the recent Productions: "Influence" "Old School Frequency" "Pursuance" "Elements" &  "Instinct", You can Enjoy them on (make sure you have your Flash Player, downloads aren't available only play audio.)


Thursday was the Session Night @ L'INCONTOURNABLE Lounge Club in Geneva, above 4h of House Deep Dance Progressive Underground Vocals and Some Electro.

September 16th 2010 • "Party With Mark "O" Mariotti"

L'Incontournable was the Lounge Bar Club that Mark “O” Mariotti had he's gig Thursday, Septembre 16th. Was a really great set and Mark now Mix on Traktor and external devices ;) Who would believe this without seeing it ? ;)*

September 02nd to 15th 2010 • "Nostalgic"

Thursday, with a hard time to leave India I finally took the Plane back... I really loved it. The cure was done I have sleep the all trip anyway ,) .. I just realize.. I go to India and come back to Europe with a Chess Game lol .. I cud really take my time for shopping ^^ I was that concentrated in my Productions lol ^^

August 26th to September 1st 2010 • "Mood Swigs"

Hanging around at the new Studios, the ambient is really relaxed and creativity growing any moment I spend in India. The Days past and “Instinct” take form, but I am feeling dreamy and take my time to Compose this Track. In some short details the Orientation and Coordination of the cords was what I work on these days with Lovv. Friday we was supposed to Mix “Instinct” with Khussh but there I still have a doubt about the Cords. The Composition of the Production of this Track was Corrected and Mixed Tuesday but it still Incomplete ;)

August 23rd to 25th 2010 • "Interpretation of Understanding"

Two Full moons have past since I a have reach Bangalore to Produce, I feel really a good satisfaction about this experience.

After reorganization of the next steps of future Productions, next steps for the next 6 months of the Project and general Artwork related, I have start the Production of the 6th Track “Primitive” but this Artwork will be finish after my return to India. I fell I need a break to get some fresh creativity.

August 21th & 22th 2010 • "The Pact"

Saturday was a Day of Contracts and Planning the future Productions. I have sign a contract with Lovv Mehta, he is my Co-Producer and Co-Composer Officially for AlphaProject™. Khussh Mehta sign also a contract as my Sound Engineer (Mix/Mastering) with the same conditions for AlphaProject™. ICEMOON RECORDS® & YellowNGreen Media Studios® forge the pact in a Long term Production Collaboration in the future.

August 17th to 20th 2010 • "Progress"

Tuesday, August 17th was just the start of four days of peace of mind and perfect Collaboration between the Artists at the Studio. “Pursuance” is Mixed and ready for Mastering. Awesome teamwork again on this Production.
After a long talk with Lovv Mehta aka RayNBrotherhood, We have plan a bit the future, We ensure a long term Professional Relation and Work for what we love.. “It's All About Music

August 15Th & 16th 2010 • "Together is Better"

Production TeamA new atmosphere forging a good production and successful Collaboration just started with YellowNGreen Media. The team structure:
Nelson Branco: Author, Composer, Producer and Live DeeJay
Lovv Mehta as Co-Composer, Co-Producer and Live Key Player


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