1. Bro Safari & UFO! - Burn The Block (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Dabbla - Blaze it up (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. Disco Fries - Open Your Eyes (Psychic Type Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Hardwell.DJ Triha - COBRA - Revealed (Carnage Festival Trap Remix 2013)(Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Kicks & Snares - Space Symphony (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. Nicky Romero Vs Kreayshawn - Go Hard Symphonica (Simor Aces Mash Up)(Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Rihanna - Pour It Up (Cratesz Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Tronix - Rockstar (Icemoon live rmx)


  1. Bassjackers - Like That (Mike Got' Remix)(Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  2. Bingo Players - Rattle (Luminox Remix)(Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  3. GAWTBASS feat. Dubskie - Case Closed (Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  4. Jay Hardway - Bootcamp (CMC$, ChildsPlay Remix)(Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  5. JoMEriX - Act Like Young (Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  6. King Kong Music - Low (Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  7. OZZIE - Wario's Castle (Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  8. Skinny! x Deathcrime - Svmurvi (Icemoon Rmx Live!)
  9. Snavs & Fabian Mazur - Ill (Icemoon Rmx Live!)


Journal Memo.. “Recorded Oct/18th 2015 3:30AM”

..The all Story of this piece of Jigsaw.. Is the entire date of it’s Creation..


  1. Pythius - BBT (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Psidream & Pacific - Into The Sun (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. Pythius - Vermin (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Skrillex feat. Ragga Twins - Ragga Bomb (Teddykillerz Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Pythius - Air Raid (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. State Of Mind - Unconscious (Segment & Concept Vision Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Pythius - Abandon (Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Dillon Francis & DJ Snake - Get Low (Taxman Remix)(Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Modetech - Elephant Sprint (Icemoon live rmx)


memo dedicating this to my son.. it was the december 28th 6:30pm..
..pay attention this one is encoded.. the day after You told me this, word by word..
"hey.. we didi it, we pushed it like warriros.. we made it.. with great team work.. like heros.. we are survivors.."

.. somewere in the past journal memos i mentioned certainly a centense like.. "I'm a Warrrior.. were is my weapon.." I would never imagine myself that this piece of Jigsaw, would have such aspect..


  1. Picota & Kumbh - The Arrow (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Scar - Screen Test (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. SCAR - Untruths (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Sustance - Exposed (Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Trilo - Prozac (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. Aeph - Savage Jackson (Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Aeph feat. Tasha Baxter - Fall for You (Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Agressor Bunx - Madness (Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Black Sun Empire, Pythius - Desert Sand (Icemoon live rmx)
  10. Break - Groove With It (Icemoon live rmx)
  11. Bredren - Red Powder (Icemoon live rmx)


  1. Razcals - Nightfall (Icemoon live rmx)
  2. Agressor Bunx - Spy (Icemoon live rmx)
  3. Agressor Bunx - Motion (Icemoon live rmx)
  4. Concept Vision & Segment - Mindshaker (Icemoon live rmx)
  5. Concept Vision & Segment - Meteor (Icemoon live rmx)
  6. Concept Vision & Sigment - Deserted (Icemoon live rmx)
  7. Disprove & Insom - All You Desire (Icemoon live rmx)
  8. Droptek - Extinction (Icemoon live rmx)
  9. Drumcatcher - Supernatural (Icemoon live rmx)
  10. Enemy Of The State - Pilot (Icemoon live rmx)


  1. Disclosure  AlunaGeorge - White Noise (Radio Edit)(Feat. AlunaGeorge)(Icemoon rmx)
  2. Route 94  Jess Glynne - My Love (Feat. Jess Glynne)(Icemoon rmx)
  3. Yousef - Beg (Hot Since 82 Future Mix)(Icemoon rmx)
  4. Little by Little - Bang The Box (Icemoon rmx)
  5. Moloko - Sing It Back (Boris Musical Mix Edit)(Icemoon rmx)
  6. Duke Dumont  A*M*E - Need U (100%) (Radio Edit) (Feat. A*M*E)(Icemoon rmx)
  7. Kokiri - Turn Back Time (Retrospect)(Icemoon rmx)
  8. Nick Curly - Underground (Dennis Ferrer Remix)(Icemoon rmx)


My son.. it is the December 13th 2016.. 3:33am.. I dedicated this memo to you because it is today, the day of 4 years ago.. Epoc speaks already about You, a prediction that was more an intuition then life experience..  to be honest with you my son.. I don’t really know which ones was more accurate.. I just perceive this quantization converging in to serendipity.. today is the day you have to know something.. and here is my way of telling you this..


  1. BLVCK - Shangri-La VIP(Icemoon rmx)
  2. Stxsy - Ataraxia (Icemoon rmx)
  3. JiKay - Firestone (Icemoon rmx)
  4. JoMEriX x Tropit - Back Up! (Icemoon rmx)
  5. Dirty Zblu - Insanity (Icemoon rmx)
  6. YULTRON - Milk Was A Bad Choice (Icemoon rmx)
  7. Sweet Teeth - Thornberry (Icemoon rmx)
  8. AMF - Freakshow (Icemoon rmx)
  9. Calvin Harris x Ellie Goulding - Outside (Barbadoso Remix)(Icemoon rmx)
  10. EvazioN - Shattered (Icemoon rmx)
  11. Luey Beatz - Dead Checks (Icemoon rmx)
  12. thefont - 100 (Icemoon rmx)


Parental Advisory Explicit Content