August 26th to September 1st 2010 • "Mood Swigs"

Hanging around at the new Studios, the ambient is really relaxed and creativity growing any moment I spend in India. The Days past and “Instinct” take form, but I am feeling dreamy and take my time to Compose this Track. In some short details the Orientation and Coordination of the cords was what I work on these days with Lovv. Friday we was supposed to Mix “Instinct” with Khussh but there I still have a doubt about the Cords. The Composition of the Production of this Track was Corrected and Mixed Tuesday but it still Incomplete ;)

We had a Visit on Sunday to the “Fuga Night Club” in Bangalore and make some nice contacts, the ambient was great and the Music awesome. We are planning to Make an event in this Night Club.

The 2dn September approach and is time to “make a break” and leave to reach  back Switzerland and continue the AlphaProject™ to the next step. All good things have a end but the return to India is already scheduled.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content