August 23rd to 25th 2010 • "Interpretation of Understanding"

Two Full moons have past since I a have reach Bangalore to Produce, I feel really a good satisfaction about this experience.

After reorganization of the next steps of future Productions, next steps for the next 6 months of the Project and general Artwork related, I have start the Production of the 6th Track “Primitive” but this Artwork will be finish after my return to India. I fell I need a break to get some fresh creativity.

Off Day for Tuesday, was quite tranquil day, was needing some sleep ,) but Wednesday in the Evening we have meet all together with, Lovv, Khussh & Chris finally all together to discuss about eventually future projects. This is just a beginning of a big and long adventure.

Thursday early in the morning around 2am I was “Walking in the Full Moon night, the rain fails and my mood grooves”  lost in my thoughts...looking for “An Interpretation of Understanding”.. My times in India, my greatest Experience ever in my life.

Parental Advisory Explicit Content