August 21th & 22th 2010 • "The Pact"

Saturday was a Day of Contracts and Planning the future Productions. I have sign a contract with Lovv Mehta, he is my Co-Producer and Co-Composer Officially for AlphaProject™. Khussh Mehta sign also a contract as my Sound Engineer (Mix/Mastering) with the same conditions for AlphaProject™. ICEMOON RECORDS® & YellowNGreen Media Studios® forge the pact in a Long term Production Collaboration in the future.

Later in the night of Saturday hunting the beat of course as usual ;) Growing the Artwork of “Instinct” in Bangalore we are very proud of our performances. I try hold my comments but this track is Original and Unique again as all this 5 Productions during this 2 months.

There is a good Chinese Restaurant in Bangalore in Koramangola or something.. omj me and names..forget the name of the restaurant ^^ .. how ever there was the Party of our Celebration of our Teamwork.

I took my time to enjoy India Sunday and get some rest, get some new inspiration. My Head is somewhere in the 6th Track.

Looks like my satisfaction is happy with the progression of the AlphaProject™. I will take my time to compose the next track and give Lovv some time to produce some new bass from the “Roland V-Synth” and the “Roland SH-201” but there is another he is hunting to create some new sounds ;)

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