September 02nd to 15th 2010 • "Nostalgic"

Thursday, with a hard time to leave India I finally took the Plane back... I really loved it. The cure was done I have sleep the all trip anyway ,) .. I just realize.. I go to India and come back to Europe with a Chess Game lol .. I cud really take my time for shopping ^^ I was that concentrated in my Productions lol ^^

Days Past here in Europe and I feel Something have change in me since I am back... This was my best experience ever in my life. I am missing my words to explain my self in my own diary. I have a hard time to adapt my life style back to Switzerland, my mind still in India. Is time to adapt to these changes and back to the System in Switzerland and get to the next step of the Project.

Tuesday the 7th I have meet “Mirco Cibin” aka Mirco “Manys” (Art Director of Radio ), was a great meeting and our collaboration will continue in the future. (More information will follow soon.)

Friday the 10th was more a Family day and had some Friends home, they really appreciated the Production, Specially a Specific Track ;)*

Wednesday the 15th September I have received some new Devices/Equipment here and I am passing da fuck out ;) Soon on the Club with them make the crowd bouncing ,)

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