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241 - 242 [IR] Icemoon - [no comments..]

"So much for twings.. or twing'ed mind'ed.. tech minimal house or whatever.."

Icemoon - Pursuance (Step House)

Residues of my roots asking me where Pursuance comes from.. the pronunciation of this particular beat work and its musical composition.. Please tell me if I'm wrong “Icemoon – Pursuance” makes Born “Step House” as definition of my own style.. or something like that.. I probably pushed the structure's complexity of “Pursuance” a bit to far due of the expression required, so far that people stuck at the first hot cue.. Secrets of this Artwork will be more clear after a deep appreciation of the distinctive syncopated rhythm.

Icemoon - Kos 2011

Time to talk about Greece.. I have been waiting for because I'm really missing Kos.. However it was a awesome trip, the most beautiful I ever had in my Life.. it is not even Greece itself but Kos.. I don't even miss my own land like that..

I was really surprised with my discovery, the Land call me really back there.. I can't even explain.. Is just a feeling of being home or something like that.. If there is a place that somebody really should know is Kos Isle.. My soul and my body feels like.. reborn.. but isn't because of the my state of mind.. it is because of the Land he's Positive Energy, He's History and Mythology somewhere part of us all a bit..

During this experience of knowing myself better I was first chocked that so many roots linked me to this Place.. I'm back in Switzerland since a week know and still feel myself there.. as I can't believe my mind is still there.. I will probably go back to continue the Study about myself and my Work.. getting some innovative inspiration to approach myself to my Dreams becoming Real.. it needs only so much to be happy and complete.. explore and find yourself out.. feel somewhere home for good.. just feel yourself.. You..

239 [IR] Icemoon - Electro [Extreme Pick]

I just came back from Kos – Greece but this 239th Edition was Preselected in UK and arranged in Switzerland to close my Winter Season of House, finally remixed in a Underground Cave somewhere in the West of Switzerland or something like that.. This is my "High Electro Extreme Pick".. the Reason is in a Timing of some Transitions during the production of this Limited Edition.. more to say isn't really necessary just pay attention to the play list to understand the “why”.. of the answer of your own Question.. Enjoy it.. by the way you can play this Session (Demo Only) in a Big Open Space or Closed Disco as any of my 320kbits Format I have published, but this is Club Music.. I insure it will not clip..

Nothing more to say about the specifications of this Artwork or the Season of it.. let's see what Kos inspirations reserve for the Future Artworks..
240th will open my Summer Season or what I feel like..

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237 [IR] Icemoon - Dubstep [We'd Psycho]

I have writen so much lately on the 40th Element that I'm missing my words for this one.. gotta be how high to get this done.. wtf.. here again isn't a matter of how but why I'm so fucking high on my trips..

Based on my roots again as always, this Dubstep session is the next part of Icemoon becoming a tag 237th Live Edition, the "We'd Psycho.."

I had a hard time to to start that one in the background here.. but 237th will freaks you out of your mind.. I insure you.. The Beat Confusion in a simple relaxed way.. We'd Psycho.. only from watching the play list.. I get confused by myself..

"I'm really missing speeches for this Edition.. because this is just all about the music.."

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Fundamental Elements Part II

The 40th Element..

The 4th ElementI have been asking myself so many questions about my style or what I'm doing here all this years.. Sometimes i go really deep in my thoughts that I don't even see what it should be.. whatever.. It seems to be like I have a various amount types of styles or "Pursuance" has no sense to me.. Some people ask me, how da fuck I do to have so many Styles and Sub-Genres or Variables of Types of Music.. Well to be honest.. i asked myself.. now the result of all this.. if you ask me about my roots.. enjoy not even the amount of Artworks but the Diversity of my Universe I share with you..

"Diversity maybe the way we live our Life the way we Forge our Personality.."  Nelson Branco 2011

Once somebody tell you the right things you have to hear, it motivates you more than ever what your closest Parent or Friend could have told you in your Life.. Open your mind to the possibility that somebody let grow an Idealism sense of your Life in you.. it will be the Key of your own Success.. Opportunity of your own Life..
Somebody told me one day that "It's good to know Yourself a bit.." - I would thank you for that my Friend and dedicate you this sentence PAB.. because knowing Yourself helps.. How diverse your own World will be, it depends only on You and your Creativity, there are no Limits.. The deeper I go the more I know..

It does not matter how we do something but why we do it.. always was this way better and it will always be.. Find a way to know your self better, because when you know what you really Love, you will never get enough of it.. This is my 40th Fundamental Element.. This it's just me..

..It can be funny trying to find a definition of your own style..
...I will end up calling mine just "Icemoon"..

236 [IR] Icemoon - Dubstep [Gangster]

I finally decided to release this Live Record, 236th is a Freestyle Remake of 234th.. for the Clip or something like that.. there is nothing special with this Play list or a reason for the Remake of it except the trip on the Clip..

A couple of days after this Prod of this Edition I've got in trouble with some band of non-brained.. let's be honest.. Some people are so desperate in life that they make the Cops assaulting your home not only in vain, they also take the right to put you in such a bullshit just because you are a We'd Psycho.. whatever.. a nature that some people don't seem to understand.. for me a minimal sense of freedom in life.. the motherfucker telling me advice will born yet..

“Non-brained and Injustice fits together, so fuck you and give me some peace Forever”
Icemoon - We'd Psycho 2011

I dedicate this Session to all Smokers around the World

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235 [IR] Icemoon - House [Underground]

Trying to compose a commercial set on request for internal use.. no joke.. well this set is everything but not commercial.. here is a Underground House in a Progressive spiral session.. or something like that..
235th Edition is also based on the theorem of the 234th Edition..  I have got some feed back, and I have to say..

“The why of an Answer is the reason of the Question itself” - "Understand"  Nelson Branco 2009 .. as we can see my perceptive is different.. but.. “The why of a Question is the reason of the answer it self” .. would make sense but why would I ask me that..?
..Make your choices, the perceptive of Life.. it's yours..

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234 [IR] Icemoon - Dubstep [Gangster]

The style of this Artwork is based on my first musical roots or something like that, however these are the meaning of, it's all about music “Representing all Motherfucking Gangsters across the World” as the Tag of the 234th Edition. Pump up the bass and the volume as well, you will get enough clarity, I will promise you.

“An Constant Life changes, is a paradoxical variable, relativity of your own perspective” - “Equilibrium”
Nelson Branco 2011

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Ableton Conference – Ministry Of Sound

Ministry of SoundAfter so many years remained questions in my mind that I had to release, I did not ask me the wrong questions to get the wrong answers or not at all, I just didn't search for before. Today was the decisive day, the amount of unanswered questions did finally reach an end. During the Ableton Conference at Ministry Of Sound I have meet “Jamie Griffiths” & “Steve Travski”, it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had related to that content. Ableton offers you an infinity number of possibilities to express our own creativity even Live, it did not took me long to understand it but the migration in to the technology and/or Art of working with it, maybe would that depends of what you want to express in to your music.

233 [IR] Icemoon - Dubstep Session


Traveling on my 166 to UK, feeding my inspiration source of creativity belong new horizons to continue my Artwork. "We'd UK" is the Tag of the 233rd Live Edition, based on a Dubstep Selection this is the Aftershok of the 232nd and it go break you down.. Make sure you don't lose the beat and keep shaking..

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232 [IR] Icemoon - Dubstep Session


Getting up in the today with my 232nd as 2nd Dubstep and Numark NS7/FX Performance, I have to say.. “Enjoy My Breakfast..”
A selection Based on “Ministry of Sound -  The Sound Of Dubstep”, this Mix Tape by Icemoon is going to freak you out, I try to find words myself to explain, but I'm speak-less.. I mean it's there in the Music somewhere.. discover it, because i can't get it out of there the way she is..

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230 [IR] Icemoon – Dubstep Session


Well was time for a change, today I was working on some music, I was like, finally finished with a Dubstep Session. This the 230th Live performance and it's 100% Icemoon no doubt. As I wrote in the previously journal publication is just a way to express my self in to music. Listeners use to my usual House Sessions are advised to have a drink w/ a great big one cause this was it, what I was looking for since a while now.

Enjoy this Eclectic Dubstep Session by Icemoon.
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Dubstep @ Ministry Of Sound - London

The Dubstep Conference was a great experience,

I have meet great Artists like “Ben Verse” & “Marco Del Horno” and many others. During this Conference I had also the privilege to try all Mix Decks and any Sound Systems at Ministry of Sound witch is a good feeling, without talking about the unique clarity from Martin Sound System Designed Specially for Ministry Of Sound in London.

Dub House Highlights

Way back remain the 101A and 101B (or 060, 071 & 100C) Sessions as DUB Variable of HOUSE, the perfect examp

Source of Inspiration

It as been a long time that i haven't published a part of my journal.



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