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There are things that our system needs.. whens we miss it.. it really sucks da fuckt out of you.. we hunt for it even without willing it.. soddenly, there is this shinning spark coming out of no where.. trying to avoid this to make a change.. kept focus to avoid being pretentious.. speculate to avoid naivety.. closing my eyes to avoid seeing it.. and when I think I’m over it.. It just become clear that I was aimed.. such a basic instinct accuracy, it’s almost a drama..

the boundary is actually not dis-phased.. it as just a different perspective.. when we start to feel the change is already to late.. can’t help it but this is were I find my Inspiration.. creativity just follow the state of mind..

It’s a new world opening doors.. just have to see it.. I was there ones.. tough was the limit.. the end so to say.. like it would be a limit for this kinda stuff.. I guess is were we combine harmony with all the aspects around us and start to read in to our subconscious.. journal memo present day