Ableton Conference – Ministry Of Sound

Ministry of SoundAfter so many years remained questions in my mind that I had to release, I did not ask me the wrong questions to get the wrong answers or not at all, I just didn't search for before. Today was the decisive day, the amount of unanswered questions did finally reach an end. During the Ableton Conference at Ministry Of Sound I have meet “Jamie Griffiths” & “Steve Travski”, it was one of the greatest experiences I ever had related to that content. Ableton offers you an infinity number of possibilities to express our own creativity even Live, it did not took me long to understand it but the migration in to the technology and/or Art of working with it, maybe would that depends of what you want to express in to your music.

Jamie Griffiths Ministry of Sound - Box Ableton Config @ Ministry Of Sound with Jamie and Steve

As I ever said..”It does not matter how we do it.. but why we do it” following that Instinctively creativity.. nature of my soul. To me the question would probably always remain “why” not “how”.. even if we don't know “how to” yet, it's just a matter of time.

Steve Travski Ministry Of Sound Ministry Of Sound Found at Ministry of Sound - Owner Wanted

I was glad to share the same meanings with these experienced Artists. The experience of this visit to Ministry Of Sound made me grown up even more as musician.