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TuneCore® Distributer

TuneCore is a low, flat fee service that distributes anyone's music or videos to iTunes, eMusic, AmazonMP3 and many other major download sites while taking no rights and no revenue from the sale of the music. Artists are building careers, selling significant volumes of music and generating revenue while keeping their rights utilizing the new model created by TuneCore. TuneCore has distributed hundreds of thousands of songs to iTunes hundreds of thousands of songs to iTunes and other digital stores including music from record labels, Grammy winners and unsigned artists.

Customers include Aretha Franklin, Beck, Jay-Z, Keith Richards, Public Enemy, Nine Inch Nails, Ricky Skaggs, Paul Westerberg, MGM Studios, Warren G, Bjork, Moby, High School Musical cast members, Ali Lohan, Cirque Du Soleil, Starbucks and tens of thousands more. TuneCore currently distributes between 150 - 250 release a day (more music is released in one day via TuneCore than any major record label over a year) and recently expanded its offering to distribute full-length films, TV shows, live concerts, documentaries to iTunes and more. TuneCore's own Billboard Top 25 seller chart went live in July 2008.


Nelson Branco has launched his own label ICEMOON RECORDS® in 2010 with the AlphaProject™ as this first production.

Traxx.FM Collaboration

TRAXX.FMTraxx is a webradio service 100% dedicated to music. It is the fruit of a long experience in radio programming and music selection. It has been created first and foremost by music lovers for music lovers. The principle is simple: music, just music and nothing but music, 24/7, anywhere around the world. What’s your favourite music style? House, Lounge, R&B, Latino or Pop? No problem, you choose! A bouquet of 20 music channels with 10 different music styles is proposed. Just a simple click is needed! New channels are being prepared and will be added to the bouquet so that everyone can find its preferred music style on Traxx’s main objective is to offer cutting hedge programming with weekly additions of the latest tunes/tracks on every channel. This is made possible by the privileged relationships Traxx maintains with the major music providers in the music industry.

At Traxx, music selection is considered Art, therefore, music selection must include a predominant and essential human factor. In this respect, Traxx people listen to every single track before including it on any channel. No ‘computerized’ help is allowed into the selection process. Traxx programming is meant to be dynamic. Collaborations with the biggest labels and DJs will be extended to make sure that you get the best of the best. Some serious partnerships are already in place, but many more are to come. Keep checking Traxx out.

SoulShiftMusic SOULSHIFTMUSIC® Label

"Providing a platform for the best global talent  we expand current trends and create new paths on a new musical perspective with a unique sound". -  The Squeeze (Label Owner)

Soul Shift Music started with label owner and artist Robert Simmons (The Squeeze).  In an effort to start his own record label, his early tracks  were released in digital format on Grab Recordings. Unable to afford vinyl pressings and having economical hardship gave Robert the idea of going completely digital. This opened up an abundance of opportunities and a move toward the future to get his music into the consumers hands as well as dj's. Shortly after, Robert seeked artist for his label. Soul Shift began to become a household name with key artists such as  Distant People, Mel Rosario, Duall II, Tom Sicks, Or'l, amongst others. Strong digital distribution has made it possible to find the label's releases in all major and independent stores. With Soul Shift's ongoing releases, new signings, and impressive roster the label continues to launch some of the best in house music.


Octane Recordings "The Fuel That Drives House Music" is a sub label of Soul Shift Music. Octane recordings was brought to life in March 2011 and initially handles the more unique titles that doesn't necessarily fall under the Soul Shift vibe. Octane has some of the best international up and coming talent with surprising elements while releasing music in the digital realm.