Monday Jul, 19th 2010 • "Sense of an Artist"

Intense and long  work day again here at the Studios, we keep working on & “Pursuance” again, there still work to do after a deep analyze. It was all about 3 little beats and finally the Composer Edition of “Pursuance” Retails getting to a end.

Elements” is a 11:30min Kinda Bounce Progressive Tribal Tech Trance House, based on down-tempo inspiration from my old roots as “Pursuance” was, those are my Lounge Trips and will be published as Composer Edition.

Useless I Express more feelings on this sound tracks, the dream will be shared as I interpret it, so I let you people be patient and discover it in time.

Wake up the sens of an Artist and don't be Surprised” - Nelson Branco 2010

Parental Advisory Explicit Content