July 20th & 21st 2010 • "Sense of an Artist Part II"

I get deep in to my work everyday even more and I don't even see the time past.

Tuesday and Wednesday goes around this “Elements” Track, over 40 Stereo Layers of Bounce and Confused Grooves creating a Harmony between my interpretation and the music it self's. With a stable Tribal beat this track keep you on the dance floor bouncing and dreaming between the Different Instruments feeling up the Space of your mind as composed.

Don't laugh but I did literally “Pass da fuck out”, while composing “Elements”. We did Laugh our Ass of at the Studio Room. *Omj.. I was on that ground laughing with a broken chair thinking that I cud not find a better expression for my saying, was kinda token in my own saying literally.
"Preventing is the key of your life choices" - Nelson Branco 2010
"Setout to achieve your convictions and one day remember , life was fighting for those beliefs" - Nelson Branco 2010

Parental Advisory Explicit Content