Friday Jul, 16th 2010 • "Impasse"

Friday Jul, 16th 2010 – Fri 08:00am ~ Saturday Jul, 17th  2:00am
We worked all day long on this new beat and we did it ;) the 4th track beat structure is build-ed so far.
The ultimate definition of  “elements”... beat released.

After all this work on “pursuance” still the short edition remain... We have done the short edit of pursuance, was good to rework on it I was missing it ^^

Around 2pm Syrikanth Murthy the “Bongos” Drums Live Player, came by at the Studios, he got a demo of some nice grooves and beat breaks to this "Alpha Project"... Was a nice try, maybe I use some of them.

Of course we stuck in “pursuance” and have request a live Artist for it. So we keep working on pursuance while producing the "elements" track.

Was a very creative and success full work day, nice collaboration as always, nice Chess games between the Artists and nice lunch as diner, I forget to talk about, but this is like the first priority

Parental Advisory Explicit Content