August 03rd & 04th 2010 • Artwork Roots

These two day were very rich in terms of meeting Artists and Producers.. But my Sound Engineer Khussh Mehta was very aware with regards to these people and did protect more then my Artwork. He doesn't let anybody spoil my Artwork and I am not expecting less from him ;)  I was surprised by the reaction of one of the producers specially when it comes to the Mix Part lol. (No comments..)

From “Shake it... that ass” to “Bounce it... my bitch” or “Bounce..biatch bounce”  (Biatch..Inspiration by Snoop Dogg of course) based on a Groove Dance House Tribal Beat the 5th Track is running everybody crazy here lmao. I am passing da fuck out on my chair and appreciate my Artwork in Collaboration with my Composer Lovv Mehta.

“Pursuance” still my baby and always will be, all those tracks are very Original in terms of Style and Variable though the Beat Confusion Artwork signature of Icemoon.

Later in the nights..Passing out on “Home of the Bodybag – Ice-T” a release from 1991, one of my base roots. Khussh have understand what I want bring in to House Music is very unique in terms of Sound Engineering, he is the perfect Element for my Artwork Project.

"Blinded by hope you realize dreams" - Nelson Branco 2010
“Aveuglé par l'espoir on réalise des rêves” - Nelson Branco 2010

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