Work for Free..

..Journal extract from.. 4 weeks a go..263 | FUCK YOU
The reason why I became an artist.. Is simply the last thing to try before my self’s murder.. The day I was staring my wall.. Thinking about how the system push you out of it.. Asking and wondering myself.. They even pay you to stay home.. For what all my studies and experiences in life.. If its to end up like a crap.. The last thing was a last drop of hope based on some hobby.. forgotten across the years after an incident… Where I converted my knowledges in hardware engineering…

However, I work for free since 4 years now.. The only ones understanding here.. Are the ones supporting me until the success.. The amount of expenses are definitely out of norm… I do everything I can to get there.. Thank you for these who help me in this path.. for made me understand that I’m born for something better..

For me the last thing to do.. Compiling my own system or die.. Cause this system is way to Fuck’t up.. I have meet many Artists, Managers, Label Owners, Singers, Producers, Composers, Sound Engineers, MC’s, Promoters, Artist Consultant, Designers, Directors an much more.. Many of these have help me understand my place in he market, many of these have allow me a step forward.. But none of them have understand an Artists need.. But everyone keep crying for money.. At the end they cry for credit.. anyway.. The only one working for the real Art here is me.. I’m an artist and I know what it costs me to be simply alive..

After evaluation… All this experience is telling me that I’m able to do.. That I have the infrastructure for it.. I will do it and decline your expensive offers.. I take risks and I risk it all.. But I risk it alone.. So fuck you all.. I invest every fucking cent in survive of my life.. If I would have more.. I would invest in more.. And share it wide with everybody.. I will do this party for the fun of it.. And not for benefits.. It’s for recognition that an Artist fights for.. People hunting for money in this business are just desperate.. I’m sorry for you to make you realize that life isn’t that simple.. "I'm Born in the Underground my Mother Fucker.." Can’t do it but for free.. Don’t ask me for money.. Fuck you.. Watch around you.. This isn’t about You.. This is about the World.. This is about the system.. This is about Survive.. This is the Real Life..

..Where the conviction of an artist comes from..

.."let's get to the point.."  replay.. 263 | FUCK YOU.. [PHENOMENAL OUTRO].. (playlist here) get some Eminem live composition by Icemoon..

..feel like had something still to say about this one..