Icemoon - Originality


..many of you must wondering what the Beat Confusion is all about.. it’s nothing else then a mod swig or swing whatever it can be called at.. each of the listed artwork I have made during the last pasted 4 years.. 300 Live Recorded Editions.. witnessing a versatility in each single ones.. what they have in common.. I self can’t see it.. but this are Nature of things.. it’s a Strange Convergence of works.. the Desire of describe myself what I do.. to understand.. pushed my mind limits.. to a point of Obsession.. each single one of them.. is just.. Original..

..these 3 bytches right here.. express some shit you wouldn’t believe in your deepest dreams.. Try them.. You will see.. pure addiction.. Converge your Strange Desire.. in to some epic definition of Icemoon..

.. this formula.. Archive The Beat Confusion.. the key of my signature.. or something like that perspective..