Icemoon - Mood Swigs II


It's all about the Music and here again 3 Special Editions. They talk more for me then I even cud write down to try explain some feelings about it.. Radical changes of Style Art between “Antidote” “Intro” & “Instance”.. giving it the definitions of it's creator..

It does not matter how I do it, but why I do it.. and sometimes I need it Deep Techy or what fucking ever.. sometimes just a Electro or Dubstep trip.. I do this on mood Swigs and do it for myself sharing it by the way is a definition as well.. because you give sens to my Artworks.. then again matter of taste.. however You should know if You are made for these Editions or not.. it's is all about your state of conscience..

Take it or leave it.. that's just Icemoon..