Icemoon - Seduction


Lost in my notes.. trying to understand my own work.. I really can’t explain how “Stealth” the feeling is.. getting “Deeper” in a “Subtile” way.. Tell me if I’m wrong but..I Guess this is the order of this “Chronology”.. It took me some time to realize this detail.. but these House Editions wasn’t here again not planned to end up together.. It was something like 5 months ago.. but I still remember these nights..

I had to go Deeper after “Jigsaw’s” theorem in the earlier releases..
Here I In-title this artwork as.. “Seduction” reflecting it’s Influence.. of House Syncopation..

This is all about the music.. the deeper we go.. the more knowledge we know.. based on this quote I made many things.. but.. is pure Serendipity..
.. to be continue..