Icemoon - Signature


Now about Signatures.. to be honest with myself.. I have bin listen to these editions really above the limit allowed or something since the production of it.. I guess phenomenal is the right word.. without any arrogance intention.. "Opposite"Dubstep highlights have made some extracts of these signatures I express in these Artworks..
"Strom"Dubstep cumulate an "Opposite"Dubstep residues with some "Forever"Dubstep Signature on the "0" Beat as I call.. keeping its originality.. however you find this mind extremes all along these 6 hours of Dubstep.. but then again you will find more a Beat Confusion | Definition.. Many of these related roots from Rap or Hiphop..
"Origin"Dubstep includes 21 Years history.. some Signatures or all of them.. how explain that.. it's like they was in my mind since forever this way.. as composed.. I don't have to recall that "music never dies".. but this is more then a simple revelation.. cause your mind takes you in a ride that you don't even understand..

Now.. telling you that this was something I desired to archive since such longtime.. is almost unbelievable.. but we all know that.. I didn't believe it myself.. serendipity.. was the phenomenal factor.. that allow me to express you these Artworks.. cause I don't plan any of these Works.. they just end up like this.. and this helps me on my quest to know myself better.. in any aspects of my life..

“Maybe I am egocentric, because I love what I do”