Icemoon - Providence

 icemoon - Providence..lost in my 302 | Providence.. watching my equipment.. facing my life at the moment and thinking about all this.. when i first think about the perspective and sun shine effect on my knobs there on 310 & 311.. in a such dark morning.. 

..I was wondering.. I made couple of times picks of this equipment and every time the Knobs are all put down to minimum.. most be from the satisfaction that  it allow me to realize the biggest dreams.. 

.. while reading to this.. a reflection of an base rule of an artist.. tilt me.. It isn’t about the equipment.. but proud of the performance.. the way we do it.. paradoxically these two factors are depending on each other.. better equipment.. better result.. there is nothing without nothing.. it’s a providence..

.. back to this Knobs here.. I watch them put down really impressed.. and I see that perspective of that moment.. the moment of glory.. the moment where we get the point that you’re an complete artist.. same as a blowjob.. the bitch make you happy by loving it.. you look at her proud of that moment.. well we either caress her nipples.. then.. these Knobs.. but these relative moments are epic.. and desirably intense.. both are intimity aspects..

.. hahaha.. as someone would wonder why the Knobs are set down for the pic.. to me.. a bitch is better token on photo while she sleep.. after performance.. remains the desire.. an attraction that wants some more..

.. I forgot when I did that one.. but most be after my return from Greece.. but the story of Providence.. is just about to start.. I have lost myself in my artworks that deep that I don’t wonder this Artwork right here.. When we do Dubstep.. we do a Culture generation step in to this mother fucker..

..all of these Editions have something to share with you… if just depends on your vision.. music is a matter of taste.. you better like the style or you either leave it..