Icemoon - Epoc

icemoon - Epoc (Final)..Journal extract from 2nd Jun 2012 ..Relevance logic.. ref.299

..It as been 32 years ago.. since You have made something for the Generation of Today.. and Today it’s my Day.. the Day of all Days.. the Day that allows you that step.. Yourself realize.. a simply cycle of evolution and mutation.. things I have hunted for.. Loosed mind in this Ghetto World.. things get clear after the Day.. even more.. many unanswered question remain for the Day of your Day.. the Day of all these Days..

..the best gift I ever had in my live.. Is to find myself in peace of mind with myself.. an unique feeling like that.. for so short he can be.. allows me to breath deeply.. just enough to hold on for some more..

..the most richest step depends on my favorite quote.

How much Your existence important is for the World, depends on how much You Believe on Yourself !”

..Thanks You all these around me.. that allowed me to reach that.. State of Mind.. the peace in myself.. Cause.. “You give.. I take.. I share you Enjoy..” the beginning there is only You.. The perspective You consider Life.. it always as been different.. at the end.. an gloriously Converged Elements.. prospecting with it the most awesome Friendship Circle & Fan base ever in this Planet around You..

.. call this “Relevant conditional” mother fuckers.. from my deeply heart.. fuck you.. and have a nice day.. ;)*