Icemoon - Condemned

..Journal note from November 14, 2012 - 4:49am.. 307 [IR] ICEMOON [CONDEMNED]
..from London to Leamington.. the moral of the story.. is.. cheap talking.. it’s really easy.. look like.. give yourself some sens to your life.. just be yourself mutherfucker.. with my good nature.. play with my time.. it’s fine.. but play with my mood.. my source of creativity.. you mutherfucker just don’t wanna know.. get up alive.. I will crush you..

..believe it or not.. my 307 in background.. Condemned is the tag my mutherfucker.. get it.. this is real life.. no better serendipity forged my destiny…

..Journal Extract.. Oct 14th.. day of record..

..the day someone kill you.. is the day they announce you such news.. as bad as inevitable .. life story.. much can you do in that gap of time of your life? I come.. this is my last chance.. no one will take it from me.. things You never will understand.. because it come from the need.. the survivor instinct.. is the key of Your self trust..

..I’m just humble enough to to have trust an unbrained mother fucker like you.. again and over again.. reason to follow my path on my own.. if you do what you always do.. you will end up doing the same stuff again and over again.. I end up thanking you..

..I’m settle now here in Leamington .. at 14 Records Studios.. feeling home back to my ghetto.. as things happen for a reason.. and here is my WildCard.. .. there are no other ways.. things end up like they always was.. for some reason.. life story is a funny thing.. maybe a perspective sense of art..