Icemoon - Butterfly Effect


Frustration is a simple factor.. makes you realize that we are somewhere all different.. may be the way we affront the relativity.. The only thing to do.. accepting it cause we can’t change the nature of things.. trace your own path.. our biggest default may be our biggest talent.. just a matter of perspective.. cause we all care about our be continue..

later.. I am listening  292 | Strange and looking for introducing the 282 | Dark.. both are Dubstep.. moods are similar and remix attitude irreversible.. both live performances are related to [MoS].. the serendipity on this.. is so phenomenal that I just roll another blunt.. I didn’t preview this.. It just happens this way.. anyway..
Dark Performance is a Masterpiece that reflect a residues coming back an decency editions later.. this simple analyses include so many factors.. I can’t call this Serendipity anymore..

A way to explain this is more then a simple Theorem.. as a prediction.. as if it was written.. not even destiny.. a deeply definition of yourself.. reflecting your artworks as your front mirror.. everyday of your life.. le déjà vue feeling.. the Revelation.. repeating over and over again.. a cycle of complex aspects.. mostly visible on the simplest perceptions..

You will understand soon enough what the bullshiting is all about..